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Published News Upcoming News Submit A New Story Groups Deaf Store

After five avenue of Proposition '71, California Institute of Technology in regenerative medicine, has been awarded a grant to investigate the target during the clinical application of stem cells. Knight Science Journalism Tracker is and what San Diego Union-Tribune. "Ironically," in both the pursuit of grant 10 14, we are in cooperation with adult stem cell researchers.

Thursday, October 29, reported that the New York Times: In the approval of the silent "The guarantee of the cells in basic bifurcation of the earth module on Wednesday dungeon branch of California, that the future is still far grant investigating the cells, argumentative awarded the decision to produce a treatment that other regulatory, especially the reduction.

230 million U.S. dollar grant award, from simple to study towards a focus on the treatment of diseases such as cancer and AIDS, a major step towards the branch Wednesday to relocate the cell of universities and companies of "California grant recipients. draw is ostensibly have it prepared for the therapy of first contrast of the Earth in four years. Check out also need advance on tax return .

"But, usually, four of 14 projects, in order to give the result to other tumors. Engaged in the basic cell of the branch, branch or cell of adult instruction supposed to kill the cancer cells of a certain branch doubt use the necessary drugs. See Also published news upcoming news submit a new story groups step by step poodle grooming.

Grant "is a voter of the state. California mission draw a strange deviation from that program, George W bid of $ 30 billion a year 10 in 2004 primarily to work around the limitations of the basic branch Dungeon . See Also pay day loans. has approved the research imposed by the administration of President Bush it "

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Most of the project, Wednesday is the disposal of all kinds of research in the dungeon branch, the authority does not engage the cell basic bifurcation after years of research, under the new administration, even if the pronunciation still that researchers " is to ensure it is formidable.

Dr. executive of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine Stanford University School of Irving Weissman, a stem cell biology will be the remarkable "There is a really important need for all stem cell research." Organization of the state, "We will be able to either examine the supervision that sovereignty is not funding."

Other developer of adult stem cells, however, does not pay attention to the director around for funding. CIRM, the same day announced the grant, the AP has reported:

Aldagen Inc. on Wednesday stem drug development Dungeon "is to apply for registration for providing initial open design, we evaluated the strength of the IPO to between $ 80.5 million.

"Durham, North Carolina, the Association, is in contrast to the accumulation of treatment. .... After the IPO takes place in cells, including adult medicine branch is designed to encourage the treatment of disease and block blood vessels that provide drug metabolism, stock, "ALDH" under the pitch is traded on the NASDAQ Global Market

In this story there is another irony. See Also capital one auto loan . Treatment to adjust the cell branch of the adult is a formula prominent display worldwide, many of these therapies, stem cell therapy of adults now, the maximum accessibility the U.S. Food and Drug Administration may (FDA) In the United States does not have access to the reef. FDA, it was taken from that person, who has a cell of the branch, as a medicine, we have classified and Kakemo~tsu physique. This movement is caused to form an organization called the American Association of stem cell therapy in some American doctor. Organization, because it is "drug", is a branch of an adult cell, unforeseen circumstances can be regulated as such is opposed to the position of the FDA. "They have someone hold it too the other side of the position of the FDA regulations have a cell of the branch" and member Dr. Frank Falco, of the organization, pronunciation (...)

Asahi continued: "Justin and his father Justin matrix, the relationship of trust, both the United States next month to accept by using the cell of the branch was the only adult taken from his body have" ratified in age of the mill have put us behind the politicians of this country must be, "(Pryor) said. Chester" Justin, the cells of the branches are trying to accept in Germany, with his We are going to be coming from the body. In this country because they do not admit it when politicians here, now, we are taught. ""

from http://www.calcatholic.com/news/newsArticle.aspx?id=e8ae5f31-1ee9-4161-8034-40c2580a4563

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