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Young Authors Guide

Here, the young writer, you can find a literary magazine to read the location where you want to publish a legitimate contest, and their writing. Guidelines and have an open mission in print and online publication of young adult children, and teens, a select list of processes and normal print cycle, select the edit. Expose the young writer is only a part, to expose young readers of all ages for some. For more specific submission guidelines, please visit the web site of the publication.

Note to young writers: the article, to know what kind of work they issue, we hope that you read its publications. See Also cardinal management . To get used by requesting a copy of the sample, or reading content online that is time consuming. Even just read the publication, please do not submit your work. I miss it it was done by many writers too often, it annoy publishers. Please do not annoy publishers.

NewPages does not accept all submitted for publication are listed here. Check out also cheap imvu credits. Please do not send us your writing for publication.

Matter subscription! If you like the publication, please contact your school librarian for or subscribe to it, subscribe to local and / or.

New "NEW!" Graphic shows the recently added or updated. January 8, 2012 Latest update

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(The inclusion of high school students are enrolled in a double allowed) will accept submissions from college students enrolled in the current only. This is a temporary link to their web site - a cool site my way would crash. Available at tuned for updates.

Age of the writer Sun May 17 will be able to submit non-fiction poetry and fiction are welcome, both novels, book reviews, movie reviews, music reviews, essays, articles, and the like.

This annual publiation will accept works written by (Grade 9-12) high school students in the United States and / Graphics photo every year from Susquehanna University. March 1, 2010: Deadline for submission of

Edited by students of writing and publishing programs Walnut Hill, generation, and online blue pencil has issued a playwriting poetry, short stories, in English and by (age 12-18) young artists around the world.

Windener University has issued every two years, undergraduate online magazine of fiction and poetry.

Are published quarterly online journal of poetry, creative nonfiction, persuasive essays, February, May, Mon & 11 to August, art and photography. Submission of annual BRICKrhetoric ccepts writer of the school year from September 12.

Poetry and prose by a writer under the age of 25. Is a science-fiction of high modernism to cyberpunk satire cuisine, from gothic fictional biting of the city. A new voice in British literature.

Creative non-fiction magazine from the University Loras poetry, and novels. All students that are registered in the current undergraduate program are eligible to submit in writing.

Mug and print literature and online community for girls from 13 to 17.

Print literary magazine and online community for girls and from July 12.

Magazine to introduce the writer of inspiration young adults age 13-19.

Youth leaders from 14 of 21. Submission of all ages.

Literary criticism poetry, creative non-fiction prose, with undergraduate students, art, photography. Emeritus at the University announced that the University, at the University of Pittsburgh.

For a typical historical essays written by high school students.

12 - Crashtest has issued a personal essay, research imagination, experiment, and interviews, poetry in the form of nine grades of high school teens, story, creative non-fiction.

Creative Kids magazine is the nation's largest magazine for kids with opinions for and from August 14, all children of different ages, games, and story.

Many online literary publishing poetry, short stories, rants, reviews, interviews and,. See Also published news upcoming news submit a new story groups dog grooming training. Without restrictions of genre and format, and then open the posts from people under the age of 19.

Seeking a new publication from the writing of all ages: poetry, short stories, essays, nonfiction, and artwork. Check out also published news upcoming news submit a new story groups diet pills.

Pubication of writing from students of a college or university accredited at the doctoral level post in the world community college, undergraduate, or graduate student.

Visual arts by 19 poems, personal essays / creative, novel, article, young people from 13. It also accepts the submission of an adult.

To publish the works of writers of women and girls. Particularly
Are interested in the post from 21-year-old and young artists: Fiction YA, speculative, historical fiction, poetry, memoirs, how.

Girlspeak is a magazine of literature and visual arts of Web-based professional women's attempts to provide a platform for human identification as a woman. We are to exhibit the works of the original December 22, girl for a wide range of readers wide. Girlspeak is a safe space and diverse, tolerant and positive. See Also payday advance loan. We aspire to enlighten our readers to self-love, healthy lifestyle, through exercise and awareness about the art of the world around them.

New subdivision of BRICKrhetoric settings, accept the gray stone, Mon K-12, 5 for their quarterly online publication that comes out in the month of February students (and teachers) to start in May 2011, from August, November, 2006 to publish poetry, stories, artwork and photos. Grade students who think that September 12 is the most appropriate for their work, can be submitted to either the gray or stone BRICKrhetoric.

Online and print publications on topics related to activities that teens and health, stories, interviews, essays, and art. Posts from the age of 18 from only 13 Alberta, Canada.

Children Ezine is designed for entertainment to health and safety for children. It contains, such as a page, coloring story, poetry, video, audio, games, free. Applicants accepted from young writers and artists of up to 12 years of age. Check out also published news upcoming news submit a new story groups online computer training courses.

We welcome the submission of high school hanging loose. "We are not only publication that can be, look to us, also, sometimes, we feel a special responsibility to young writers of those advice of editorial are happy to give when asked constantly, in order to The editor of the work. of us, of course, is time-consuming, we are. strong determination in order to give time and attention as much as possible to receive work from the writer of high school as we feel "

Tree of its history of Hoosier state is dedicated to bridging the gap between generations and encouraging children to learn the history of its own tree - especially of children magazine focuses on the history and genealogy.

And magazines in Spanish for children from 7 to 12 years completely. See Also borrow money safely online . Each issue contains an interview-friendly recipe of short stories, biographies and well-known to the Latin personality, puzzles, craft projects, children, scientific articles, humor, and many others. Check out also i need to borrow money from a loan shark. Will accept the submission in Spanish only.

And a young adult novel given the age of 13, short stories, poetry, feedback, enter the receipt, a contest. Check out also published news upcoming news submit a new story groups discount fitness equipment. To share, from publishing online writing community for writers of old HarperCollins publishing.

This site (and no doubt, the children helped with the process) to cast the appropriate adult children will invite the children to not only be able to post to create your own podcast . Is a "rated age" is each podcast, was examined before they are posted. Contains discussion of discrimination, while others were created by children, global warming, and book reviews, part of the cast is adult read the "lessons learned" for stories and children.

Fiction, flash fiction, microfiction, games, learning activities, and writes the advice for children ages 9 to 13 and 14. Sponsored by Silver Pen Writers Association.

By fifteen years of age from eleven to empower children to explore the deeper aspects of life in the spirit of open, and will be created. KidSpirit is a spiritual non-partisan magazine for young people of all backgrounds want to consider "the meaning of life. Big problem that affects us all"

Publishing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, book reviews, are written at the age of 6-12 children, bimonthly magazine devoted to the artwork that you created.

Unpublished novel, nonfiction, book reviews, music reviews, poetry, artwork, cartoon, photo, original short films from artists 13-19 years old.

Articles on various topics related to 25 from 14-year-old woman, essays, short stories, poetry, reviews, and artwork.

Online publishing poetry, prose, drama. Editor of each issue is not only outstanding award, and then select the works that were written by college students for the prize.

For 30-year-old writer from 14 artists, photographers and.

"'s Corner" Children from grades K-12 students, will accept poetry submissions of previously unpublished. Check out also powered by article dashboard portland general electric phone directory. Looking for a fresh way to recreate the scene and emotions, we are aiming their writing. The original image is a big topic and honest emotion and poetry than rhyme - such life is important, moral, and more, and the other as an abstraction. The parent's signature shall be attached to the submission.

I will introduce the art lighting and was created by the grade of elementary school children of the magazine quarterly four-color printing and graphic display, quality.

To accept the work of fiction and nonfiction topics pop culture, media, advertising, related to the impact on the lives of teens.

Collective effort of six classes Orogurande, junior high school language arts prep Riverside, California. Beat the Middle School, publish fictional story, nonfiction writing from (age 11-15), the artwork, artist of the middle and high school, students and teachers has been edited. See Also published news upcoming news submit a new story groups michigan school for the deaf.

Continue the growth of the Internet Archive hero story for all ages from all over the world. The Web site of my heroes, we have held thousands of stories of remarkable individuals written by children and adults. Contains video and tutorials.

Young people up to the age of 25 from the age of 12 are encouraged to submit articles of native, poetry, profiles, photographs and illustrations. You are also welcome posts from adults.

Annual anthology of poetry and artwork Feature Teen high school students from all over the world. Submissions are accepted all year round. The deadline for the edition of each year is the first Friday of March.

Contains was created by the August 14, unique girl, an article about girls and women living fiction, poetry, art, science, all over the world. Check out also slrridge .com.

Interest e-zine, of general literature with a special interest in encouraging emerging writers. The new voice section, with all the problems, has published prose and poetry of high school or college, or from 13 to 22 new age artists. See Also borrow money fast .

North Central review is one of a handful of texts and literary magazine to publish the work of undergraduate students exclusively. North Central review of short stories, poetry, drama, nonfiction, creative, and mixing of genres, including the work, consider the genre of all. February 15 and October 15 deadline.

Oval is a literary magazine run year undergraduate at the University of Montana, a non-profit. They will accept unpublished poetry, prose, visual arts college students currently enrolled, previously nationally.

Journal of the region if it were the only high school, grade or freshman at the University of Georgia with a focus on writers who Georgia.

Secondary school for writers in Canada. Organized by his review of Antigonish T.

Ohio Northern University undergraduate journal of art and literature, and now accepts the submission of non-fiction for undergraduate students worldwide from poetry, fiction, visual art, the only one.

Contains written, edited, and high school students to be issued, poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Check out also published news upcoming news submit a new story groups history of deafness. To their submission page, before you send it in., and contains a lot of valuable advice on how to prepare your work

Is an undergraduate publication Bowling Green State University margin of the prairie. Date of our reading is between September and December. Will accept the submission of unpublished poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction. See Also published news upcoming news submit a new story groups dog training obedience.

, Online journal of literary and visual arts accepting applications from preschool to eighth grade children from the community learning independent of public schooling. As well as memoirs, published every quarter of the work of the artist and gallery features including book reviews, poetry, fiction, non-fiction.

If you enjoy writing and is between the age of 14 and 21, live next, as will be considered for reading at the time of manufacture, please submit an essay poem, or story. Writer "is selected there is a story or essay of up to 1,000 words in length. See Also brother loan finance co . Of work, or submitted to the poetry of up to three will be based on the literary merit of its validity and the submission of our program . for staff and limited our production schedule, but it might take us three months to notify the acceptance of our submission of you. "

"Publication" of short stories under the word 30. Submitted, the photo of the surgery wearing a fiction "cooperative" has worn a week in either of the SPR it is printed on the fabric and is posted on the web site every week. Check out also published news upcoming news submit a new story groups service management training. All ages are welcome to submit a document stating that.

University since 2003 for students / high school / junior high school anthology published works on the theme, publisher student run.

Production of spin-off of this Wrusk of Canada, you will be asked to submit short stories, essays, poetry, artwork for writer's first online issue. Children ages 7-13.

International publication August 16 letter to facilitate for the reader to celebrate the cultural diversity and ecosystems, publishing essays, novels, to the editor, a meaningful exchange of opinions and sayings of such ideas and experiences by riddle

As well as children, the story of the original video for adult children to read.

Through the presentation of the original fiction, nonfiction, poetry, theater, photography, artwork, provides a creative voice for the (age 19 from age 13), the nation published in hard copy annual non-young adult profit literary magazine. Web site means that you resume the publication in 2007, to check for updates in this state.

Published online collection, now available for viewing. It is included by writing of them. "Under the age of 35"

Illustration of the youth novel story, poem, shown in the figure, under the age of 13. Check out also brothers loan .

Founded in 2006, has been devoted in the high school literary magazine editing and production of this annual, to publish the best creative work brave teens across the country.

Annual literary magazine of poetry will contain riginal ficiton, creative non-fiction, by the artist college student currently attending accredited university in the United States each year that is running the Susquehanna University students nationwide distribution.

Publication category: Art, poetry, fiction, sports, opinion, community service, non-fiction (prejudice, pride and travel, health thing, your important culture, the environment, with you, including the hero money, car, and work), Reviews (books, movies, music, universities, television, websites, video games, summer programs) essays and articles, interviews of the university. From age 13 to 19.

For girls up to the age of 19 from 13: writing a personal essay of action, and art.

And functional information about the character of your favorite authors for teens, books, and series. Literary games and contests, profile and interview excerpts, book reviews of new release of this report as part of the network, sharing a group website was established in 1996, features the author. Check out also published news upcoming news submit a new story groups ideas for art projects.

Notes from the Underground Teen

This occasional column, reveals the secrets of teen culture of care to adult books, information, entertainment, media, and about the identity.

19 published novels, poetry, opinion / editing, creative Canadian teens under the art and photography. Currently open to international submission.

News story in all age groups with priority given to 16, features, research, and publish a personal voice, OP-EDS, reviews and interviews - to the writer of the 28-year-old adolescents and young adults .

Featuring a mix of short stories by Canadian author and contemporary teens, poetry, essays, visual art. Writers and artists under the residence, submit up to 10 pages of reproductions of original works should be considered for publication original unpublished writings (poetry, short stories, essays environment) or, in Canada 18 years of age or older. can be. Rest of the year 2010. Note:

Do not write in? We encourage the children to other people and confidence, joy, and self-expression through reading and writing for literacy, to discover the connection. Note the young writer! Dallas Wood, founder, is looking for book reviews of your favorite children, middle grade and young adult books to publish in writing! Web site.

Slate online writer has issued the original poetry and prose from students enrolled in kindergarten to grade 12. In addition, it exposes the education and creative faculty.

In adults and young teens mature, Xenith, accept the genre and most forms of writing: poetry, fiction, flash fiction, drama, nonfiction, creative, graphic novels, comics, cartoons, scripts, unsent letter mainstream, experiments, science fiction, literature, anything. Check out also published news upcoming news submit a new story groups health information technology. Kind of writing does not matter, does not have the quality of the writing. Check out also published news upcoming news submit a new story groups free home improvement contractor forms.

Publication for Jewish girls to publish short stories, poetry,
Real story, essay of 17 girls from age 9. Age 9-14 who are interested in Jewish girl must be written.

Outlook young people reporting, poetry, personal narrative, as well as comics and art of its monthly magazine, has published a web site of YouthOutlook.org. 25 from 14 for young people in the Bay Area.

To welcome students K-12 in the western part of Vermont and New Hampshire to submit written work for them for possible publication is YWP, photos and artwork series of newspaper .

In short, students are associated with non-fiction story of lessons to improve the social skills to improve reading and writing skills, to support the success of the school, emotional.

Literature and art magazine has provided a venue for publishing their poetry, prose, fiction, visual art work to university students. Magazine is distributed by students at Sonoma State University in California, will be generated.

It is 5x5, the term radio, the signal has been used to indicate that you have a good volume and perfect transparency. Later it will accept the submission of 5x5, and from high school. Subscription is free for high school students.

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This is a very select list of the contest from a trusted source. Check out also new payday loans direct uk: . Fee charge of the contest, although many are there, for young artists, sought to contest only means that the fee or entry and reading a young writer I recognize and encourage that does not charge any service. They are those that are set forth in that you do not charge a fee as you are trying to win new readers, to provide a publication subscription of return - seems fair, the publisher confirmed that the up-front about it The. See Also published news upcoming news submit a new story groups health insurance for small business.

To tell you that you have won and you want to purchase a copy of this expensive you have been published, please avoid a contest. To expose hundreds of thousands even if there is a significant profit from the sale of these types of contest entrants and books "fraud". These contests, taking advantage of all ages but immature writer and writer of young adult.

Charlie Hughes, formerly of publication of the wind, have a great site to give advice on how to avoid and how to submit your work for publication, the fraud of the contest. See Also billmelater shopping without credit card . : Read it, please educate yourself to submit literary works to use the publication .

Deadline date

Challenge to the writing of every month that are designed as classroom activities for children K-12 grade. A complete schedule, see the online prompt is displayed. AdLit.org leading organizer and Rockets (PBS).

Choice Award-winning student Whidbey Writers Workshop Short Form

/ Children's Young Adult fiction, nonfiction, creative, and prose

Monthly Deadline:

National Reading and Writing Contest

From 4 to 12 grade

January 6, 2012 Deadline:

Sponsored by Fidelity Investments

12 from Grade 9

January 7, 2012 Deadline:

Theme-based contest of poetry, stories and essays.

K-12 grade

January 8, 2012 Deadline:

Art exhibition contest and quotes

For all ages

January 9, 2012 Deadline:

The hearing impaired, has attended the summer camp or CODA. Writing contest for the youth of the contest rules here .

13 and 14 from 9 to 17 age

January 15, 2012 Deadline:

Presidential Committee on Arts and Humanities

Association of Museum and Library Services

During the 2011 academic year of 2012 up to 12 minutes from grade 7

(Varies by region) January 15, 2012 Deadline:

Essay Contest northwest outlook

Open to students enrolled

January 15, 2012 Deadline:

2012 young artists

12 from Grade 9

Fiction, nonfiction, creative, short theater

January 16, 2012 Deadline:

Research and essay: "Today is to create a solution for the challenges faced by children"

12 from Grade 9

January 31, 2012 Deadline:

Elizabeth Bishop Prize

Poetry, fiction, playwright

Grade 8, 9, 10, 11

Noon on February 1 Deadline:

$ 15,000 scholarship to the writing and publishing programs at the Walnut Hill School: Arts award.

Truth of youth writing competition

Poetry and short stories

Less than 18 years of age (Grade 6-12)

February 1 Deadline:

Of high school poetry contest

September 12, grade

February 1, 2012 Deadline:

Essay and drawing contest ("My First Puppy")

K-12 grade

February 6, 2012 Deadline:

NY City pubic school seniors

Poetry, spoken word, fiction, drama, essays, memoirs

February 10, 2012 Deadline:

Publish Kid

September 13, age

February 15, 2012 Deadline:

Charles Johnson Student Fiction Award

Currently, open to all undergraduate and graduate students who are U. See Also blue sky payday .S. citizens or permanent residents enrolled full-time or part-time in colleges and universities in the United States. There is no admission fee.

Postmark of February 2011 Deadline:

Has addressed the problem of text messages while driving.

The broadcast and print categories.

18 from age 13

March 1, 2012 Deadline:

Sector poems for high school and undergraduate students. Check out also borry money from car accidents .

March 1, 2012 Deadline:

State University of New York

Short story prize

Undergraduate enrollment, the award will be subject to full-time in universities and colleges across the United States and Canada for the 2008-2009 school year only.

March 1, 2011 Postmark Deadline:

Writer is reflected in the lessons learned to write poetry and short stories in the voices of characters from that culture, was obtained in the form of short essays, a new culture research. See Also citibank elt for the student loan corporation interest rates.

19 from age 13

March 1, 2012 Deadline:

Did you have a major impact on your life which friends and family? Why is that?

And university grade from 1 to 12

March 7, 2011 Deadline:

Student writing contest

Recent graduates and current undergraduate and graduate students were enrolled.

March 8, 2012 Deadline:

Haiku Contest

All ages

(Except for the adult contemporary haiku) No fee

March 11, 2011 postmark deadline:

Web site contains helpful guidelines for writing haiku. See Also california direct payday lenders .

Sun Essay Contest of DNA

September 12, grade

March 12, 2012 by 5:00 PM EST: deadline

Annual prose and poetry contest

19 from age 13

March 15, 2012 Postmark Deadline:

* Although they do charge for submission to the commission, pay a one-year subscription of the magazine.

Fiction, nonfiction, art

Grade K - 8

March 15, 2012 Deadline:

Youth Award strung lighting norm

September 12, June 8, grade or

Previously issued, the work of outdoor-oriented.

March 16, 2012 Deadline:

Writing and Art Contest of the Holocaust

Open on May 12, 5 WA, OR, ID, grade of Alaska

March 16, 2012 Deadline:

Ann Arbor Book Festival and the Ann Arbor District Library

June 12, grade

March 18, 2011 Deadline:

At least junior high school somewhere, open to anyone. See Also published news upcoming news submit a new story groups fitness test.

March 23, 2012 Deadline:

Nicholas A. Virgilio Memorial Haiku Competition

July 12, grade

March 25, 2012 Deadline:

Address to the United Nations: creative contest

Age: December 15, 18 and 19 from 16 adult

March 27, 2011 Deadline:

Leonard Milberg '53 high school poetry prize

Any student in the sophomore year will be subject to 09 from 2008.

Deadline: postmarked March 30 (annual)

Age from 14 to 18 or from 19 to 29

March 31, 2012 Deadline:

Voice of high school essay contest for animal

High school or home school under the age of 19

March 31, 2011: Deadeline

Essay Contest

In order of performance of students enrolled on September 12

March 31, 2012 Deadline:

Natural lighting contest youth

12th graders from nine of Oregon and Washington

March 31, 2011 Deadline:

Saramukku poetry prize

K-12 grade

March 31, 2011 Deadline:

Writer contest

Tertiary-K-: age

Approved from January to March each year Deadline:

Writing poetry competition

From age 12 to 17, 22 and 23 from 18, old

April 4, 2011 Deadline:

Community Foundation of Dutchess County

12 - Grade 9 student of Qualifications:
Received on April 15, 2012 Deadline:

High school essay contest the World Future Society

April 15, 2011 Deadline:

International Story Competition

Age over 16 years of age

April 29, 2011 Deadline:


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13 +











$ 21/ 38







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101 - 2011111










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- 2012


111 - 30

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9 - 18




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