Madison Company Generates Stem Cells From Blood At Latest Stem Cells News

Researcher has enormous potential in the emerging field of personalized medicine Wednesday disclosure of Dynamics International of cells to generate stem cells from normal human blood samples.

In the long term commitment is that by giving 1 or 2 vials of blood, we have that there is likely to have stem cells of our own personal deploy in the event of all spinal cord injury or Parkinson's disease and many other, now the onset of intractable diseases.

Cellular dynamics is the first company to say that can make stem cells from what it is readily available, for a representative, such as blood, of human diversity.

"What this may sound like science fiction, but it's a scientific fact - with us in the laboratory of Madison is doing it," Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bob Palay, the company's Madison Biotechnology (CEO ) has said.

Discovered, and he, can provide a diverse mix of stem cell researchers to help understand the basics of these diseases more readily companies in the short term, how to handle it said. See Also installment loans.

"It is open all of human tissue to pharmaceutical and academic researchers, in the diversity of all human beings, it. is it is huge, the cells that few people understand that, "Palay said. See Also california pay loan lenders .

Scientists as pluripotent stem cells are derived stem cells, or with reference to the iPS cells, have all the characteristics of embryonic stem cells . Check out also pawnbrokers payday. They can be a beating heart cells and other tissue cells of the body, and liver cells.

From my knowledge of the market ", to supply a particular cell type or specific, but provide it to industry, CDI, the company there might have been doing it in a large suite of cell There is, "Andy Detienne, the license manager of Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation stem cell said.

Foundation, which holds the patent on the valuable stem cells work done in the University of Wisconsin-Madison owns the ownership in dynamics and cell.

The company has started selling a stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes Roche and other pharmaceutical companies to test the toxicity of those drugs.

You're saying you thought the company would like to industrialize the production of the type of human cells to create a biobank for research, that people can store stem cells from the design of their DNA treatments that are personalized is for use in testing the reaction to the drug and.
Expansion deal with Roche

Dynamics mobile, so that supply the giants of the pharmaceutical industry and other types of heart cells of iPS cells of many in the next two years it is, it was this month have expanded the contract test of drug development with Roche . Companies will also, to cooperate in order to perform various tests of the cells.

Dynamics of the mobile phone, a pioneer in stem cell, which was formed in 2004 by James Thomson of the University of Washington researcher and the other three. The company has 65 employees with the name, ramp-up to exit the stem cell production facility in June, Palay says. He said the cellular dynamics, and have the sale of "multimillions" of the dollar. Check out also borrow money fast in wisconsin .

In the industry given its initial dynamics have been developed and additional product mobile phone lead, Detienne said he expects his revenue to snowball.
Mobile Dynamics, the end of last year primarily from Wisconsin-based investors has raised $ 18M ($ 18,000,000).
Palay, the company declined to comment on whether you are trying to raise more funds.

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